Here are the videos you made during the Technology session on July 28th, 2014. I believe that collaboration is key. Hopefully, you do too! Feel free to comment on these videos. Thanks again to all of you who did these.

We spent the week collaborating. Hopefully, you had as much fun as I did!
1. Smartboards by Alyssa Gravinese

2. Ted ED by Jim Dougherty

3. Flight Simulator by Robert Brockman

4. Educreations by Kelly Ann and Veronica

5. Weebly by Megan McGill

6. Animoto by Susan Higley

7. Class Dojo by John and Zack

8. Google Presentations by Barb and Kevin

9. Shutterfly video 1

10. Shutterfly video 2

11. My Script Calculator

12. Benefits of Flipping your a colleague who did it successfully! Nate Phish

13. QR Codes

14. Dropbox Sharing

15. How to Use Google Forms by Scott Yusem

16. Using the Elmo in the Classroom...Foreign Movie Style!

17. Quizlet

18. iMovie-the exorcism by Des and boys

19. My Happy Place-Newbies

20. Mobi

21. Show Me App

22. Brain Pop using my funny movie

23. Kahoot

24. Nearpod Nation Spy

25. GO Pro

26. VoiceThread

27. Grade Cam

28. Edu Glogster

29. Haiku Deck

30. Frog Guts

31. Remind part 1

32. Remind part 2