First, copy this whole link:


Then, follow these instructions for installing "Web Highlighter" on iPad Safari

Installing the Web Highlighter bookmarklet enables you to easily highlight and bookmark webpages in iPad Safari, just like in iBooks.

Step 1: Adjust your Safari settings if necessary

  1. 1Open Settings App
  2. 2Tap Safari
  3. 3Turn "Always Show Bookmarks Bar" and "JavaScript" on
external image step-1.png

Step 2: Bookmark this page

  1. 1Tap the "Action" icon in the Safari toolbar
  2. 2Tap "Add Bookmark"
  3. 3Choose "Bookmarks Bar", then click "Save"
external image step-2.png

Step 3: Edit the bookmark

  1. 1Tap the bookmark icon in the Safari toolbar
  2. 2Tap "Edit", then select the "Web Highlighter" (The bookmark that you just created in step 1)
  3. 3Tap its URL, then tap the "clear" to clear it
  4. 4Tap and hold URL field for the magnifying glass, then tap "Paste"
  5. 5Back to the list, then tap "Done" to save changes
external image step-3.png

Step 4: Done!

You've enabled the Web Highlighter for iPad. You can test it on this page now!
  1. 1Tap the Web Highlighter in the bookmarks bar, then a toolbar will show up
  2. 2Select some text on page
  3. 3Tap the Highlight button in the toolbar to highlight the text
external image step-4.png