Welcome to my tech page. Everything I cover during the sessions at Immaculata University will be posted here and continually updated. To contact me after the sessions, my email is testermankc@gmail.com. I have other wikis that you may want to access. http://kctesterman.wikispaces.com/


Great site I found for the iPad. Lists apps that work for classroom instruction.
Ed Tech IPads

I am a firm believer in using Moodle in my classroom. I try to use as many web 2.0 tools that allow me to have a primarily "paperless classroom." There are many tools today that will allow you to do so. Please check out my paperless classroom wiki for more information.

Here is my prezi that I've created for the presentations.

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iPad Info

So you've been wondering how to use your iPad as a whiteboard or to work your computer like a slate? Look no further. For only $4.99 on the app and free for the computer, you can go to Splashtop and work it perfectly!

Battery Maintenance Tips for iPad 2

Exhaustive List of Apps

iPad apps by content
Teach with your iPad site
iPad Apps for Kids

Ted Talks about Al Gore's book

Web2.0 Basics
Shortening URLs
QR code readers
Virtual World through CCIU
Great site for recording what you are doing on the iPad and show through video.
Showme App

Formative Assessment-Mobile