Mission So Possible: 2014
Welcome Back! This is the page where all your teaching technology dreams come true...well, maybe not all of them, definitely some though! I'm KC Testerman. Some of you remember me from previous years; some of you are new. My best suggestion to the Newbies, is to check out all the resources from previous years. I have many pages linked on the side bar to previous years' information that is helpful to use in your classroom. First things first-I need to find the Newbies. Click here to take a quick survey.

We are now on to bigger and better things! I'd like to aid in your reframing of the traditional educational structure to something a bit more collaborative. As with students, the more we can "embody the autonomy, purpose, and mastery" of the educational tools we use, the more likely we are to "succeed in a global economy and thrive as lifelong learners" (November, 15-16). I'd like to start with Today's Meet. This is a way for us to be collaborative while we work on technology ideas this week. This is a great tool to use for back-channeling. Please be respectful of each other's ideas and comments as always. In addition, I'd like you to open an edshelf account. Go to https://www.edshelf.com/ and make an account. This is a fabulous tool to store the technology that we will discuss this session. In addition, my other favorite tool for keeping my OCD in check, is called Workflowy. Go to https://workflowy.com/ and make an account. You can take notes that will be on your mac, your phone, your ipad...and an email is sent to you each morning if you make any changes showing those changes. It's been a life-saver for all my "to-do" lists. These are just some of the tools that 'Make it Possible!" If you'd like to join this wiki, please use the "join code" below.

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My theme for this week is "Mission So Possible: 2014!"- Get it? MSP grant is Mission So Possible...LOL. I'm so clever, and I will be your holographic guide.

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No, seriously, I'm really here in front of you...but the image worked with my theme! :-)
Here's the blockbuster trailer regarding my quest...that I made...in ten minutes...on iMovie...which is free on Apple devices.

I made that, seriously, in ten minutes in my kitchen. Students will love this. Incorporate their love for a good story in your love for a good lesson...that you didn't have to create. Show these off to the world. Global collaboration is key! We'll talk more about that soon.

Okay, let's view the actual mission:

This was created using PowToon. Click on this link to sign up for a free educator's account. This is great for making activating strategy videos to introduce to your students, OR even better...to have your students create videos for your class. That leads me to Mission #1.

Mission #1: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a quick video of the BEST educational tool you have used in your classroom. It could be ANYTHING from an app, to software, to a device, to a web-based application, but it must only be ONE. The purpose is to then share these videos, so others can benefit from your knowledge. This is how you engage individuals in the process of your classroom.

Take a look at the story of Mathtrain.tv. Eric Marcos created an amazing atmosphere of collaboration where the students take the stage, while he is the "guide on the side."

The next step is to determine how you will create your video. There are many apps I've demonstrated in the past:

Finally, you should send the video directly to me. You could also upload to YouTube, and then just paste the link in Schoology. I'll choose the best ones to upload/or link to this wiki for everyone to view. The movie should be no longer than 5 minutes.

This is my example: KC's Fav Tech Tool

Math Teachers: Access Code at Schoology is CMHPZ-4VTRC

Science Teachers: Access Code at Schoology is BX6CZ-849CD

If this doesn't work, email it to me at testermankc@gmail.com.

At this point, you should be commenting on the Today's Meet link. Ask questions, respond to others, make comments...whatever you do, just collaborate!

Once you've gotten a handle on all of that, you can begin Mission #2!

Mission #2: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to now discover your very own PLN. Click here first and answer some quick questions regarding your PLN.

Next, let's move into ways we can develop and grow our very own PLN. Let's just talk about twitter and pinterest. These are great tools for free, 24/7 professional development at your fingertips. The prezi below will explain in more detail.

What have you learned? What tools will you use in your classroom? Have I convinced you yet that Pinning can totally be professional development? Go back to Today's Meet and post which tool you will use to develop your PLN...or which you've been using primarily in the past?

Your mission is now over. Some of this mission may have been cumbersome; most of it was probably pretty fun. You had a purpose, autonomy, and gained mastery of skills that I couldn't have lectured about effectively! Isn't that what our students want as well. Think about this week of learning. What sessions do you look forward to attending, and which ones do you dread? Think about the reasons. Those are the same reasons your students have. Do something about it! In order to make your life easier-have the students "own the learning!"

This message will self-destruct in 5...4...3...2...1...just kidding! I need all this information. It took a long time to put it together. If you need any other information, find me on twitter @kctesterman! That's where all the cool holograms hang out!

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November, Alan C. Who Owns the Learning?: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree, 2012. Print.