Welcome to another year of the PA3 Grant with the CCIU and NASA

Here are your instruction if we are a combined group.

  1. How can we engage our students more effectively? Why not join the movement of the "flipped classroom?"
  2. Please go to http://todaysmeet.com/PA3Immaculata2013
  3. Here is the survey I want you to take.

How can we make our classrooms flipped? There are plenty of tools to use in order to create your own videos for instruction BEFORE class time! There are many apps that allow you to do so, but without the ipad, you can go to Screencast-o-matic and start right from your computer for FREE! If you'd like to use the editing tools, it will cost $15/year which is well worth it.

If you like quick survey tools click here to create your own at Straw Poll

So what tools should you as a digital teacher use in your classroom? Here is a list of the most important to change the classroom to more of a flipped one!
Tools for a Flipped Classroom
  1. showme app
  2. Flipsnack
  3. Educreations
  4. VImeo
  5. Many sites already have videos you can access instead of making your own: Khan Academy, Educreations, Showme...and the list goes on and on.

The Next Zuckerberg

What if you have all of this information and need someplace to store it virtually? Go check out Live Binders. Watch this video to tell you more about live binders.

Markup App This app allows students to email you directly a pdf paper, and then you can use your finger or stylus to edit the paper. Once completed, you send the paper right back to the email they sent to you. I love this app!!!


How many times have you as a Math teacher been asked when you'll use any of the math? Here is a link to tons of movies that reference math problems. These two are just ones I picked out...there is so much more to apply to your lessons in class!



Math Flipped Classrooms

DASP Math Vodcasts


Simultaneous Space Shuttle Launches


Use Khan Academy to introduce new topics...why reinvent the wheel if someone has already created the video?
Also, try using videos created by students like mathtrain

Resources for Web 2.0