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Google Uses

Google Forms are a great way to collect information from staff, students, and parents.

  • Form to collect parent email addresses - __Link__

  • Bring Your Own Technology student survey - __Link__

  • Professional Development topic survey - __Link__

We also use Google Forms for common tasks.

  • Staff change form (new staff, leaving staff, staff changes, etc.) - __Link__

  • Form for staff to request approval of books for student reading - __Link__

  • Nomination form for recognition award - Link

  • Last year we converted our Kindergarten registration from a stack of papers to all digital by using a Google Form.

    Having the data in a spreadsheet made it much easier to transfer into our SIS, and helped avoid transcription errors.

    __Click here__ to see the example.

  • For our middle school we use Google Forms to let people submit reservations for our computer labs.

    A person then reviews the reservation requests and puts them on the calendar.

    __Click here__ to see an example.

    Some of our middle school teachers have set up a very simple one-item form that students can use in class to ask questions and give other feedback.

    The teachers then made QR Codes for their forms, and placed those codes around the room or on laminated cards at the desks.

Instructions for using google forms PDF file

Google Docs and Flubaroo together used in conjunction will allow you to grade quizzes automatically. Flubaroo Demo Video

Google Data Collection

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Google Drive App

Google Resources

Google App User Group Resources

Google lesson plans

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